Erie firefighters were busy this past hour battling a smoky fire at Maryvale Apartments.

Residents of Maryvale Apartments had to evacuate the building after fire crews report a curling iron started a fire.

Crews responded to a call of heavy smoke from the second floor of Maryvale Apartments on Monday after a curling iron was left underneath clothes, according to the Westlake Fire Department.

One woman said the curling iron melted everything around it. A small fire came as a result but it was extinguished when crews arrived on the scene.

The second floor was evacuated then ventilated before everyone returned inside.

Sean Rainey, assistant fire chief of Westlake Fire Department, said extra manpower was on the scene due to it being a multi-residential structure, but it was not needed.

“Some of the people are told to stay in their apartments and keep their doors closed because this is solid brick so there’s no problem,” said Anita Gaerttner, resident, Maryvale Apartments. “There’s been a few things that happen, maybe somebody left something on the stove or something like that, but other than that we’ve had no emergencies at all.”

Everyone is safe and said they are thankful for the fire departments that responded.