Cyber Monday security tips

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It’s one of the biggest holidays for you and scammers.

Surfing the web can be distracting while shopping, making it easier for your financial information to be stolen with a few simple clicks.

It starts which your social media, leaving hackers a way to send you fake coupons and offers.

Christopher Mansour, Assistant Professor of Cyber Security at Mercyhurst University says, “They’ll ask you to log in for example, once you log in, they steal your username and password and they basically can open other accounts or use your credit cards that are saved there.”

Hackers can also create websites that look authentic to a real company’s server.

“Crafted carefully to look familiar to a page where you put in your credit card information and where you log in with your username and password,” Mansour added.

According to the Better Business Bureau, it’s important to stick to using a credit card.

Pam Marlowe, Public Relations Coordinator for the Better Business Bureau says, “You have more consumer protections when using a credit card versus a debit card, those consumer protections include a bigger window tp report unauthorized activity.”

According to the Better Business Bureau it’s important to make sure the URL is secured, do your shopping on a desktop, check your bank account statements frequently and verify the company’s address.

Cyber experts say it’s also important to have different passwords for all of your accounts, so hackers can’t retrieve your information.

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