D-Express Laundry opens amid Covid-19 pandemic

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D-Express laundromat is taking a new spin on things.

The laundromat deemed as an essential business, opened it’s doors just days ago admid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tiff Zachos, customer at D-Express says, “It will be a god send. It sounds like they’re doing everything right in terms of keeping the place clean, open 24 hours and with security cameras.”

The business is also open 24 hours with security cameras which conviently helps with social distancing measures.

Akur Shah, Co-owner of D-Express tells us opening during these uncertain times did come with some concern.

“It took a little longer than usual, because a lot of weren’t allowed to work and when they were allowed to work, there could only be one or two people at a time, so it did take a little bit longer than what we expected,” Shah said.

D-Express is also asking you to take the necessary precautions by asking you wipe down all the washers and dryers once you’re done using them.

“We have notes on the sanitizer bottles, we try to urge them every time you use a different washer or dryer to try wipe them down and we do the same we try to use different chemicals and sanitizers,” Shah added.

D-Express also looks to focus on customer satisfaction.

“It tells them sitting at home which washer is open, which is not open. They can put their laundry and go home and on the app it can tell you how much time you have left, so that way they can feel safe about social distancing,” Shah said.

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