Dade takes stand in homicide case today regarding the shooting death of David Tate Jr.

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Today was a very emotional day in the courtroom for the families of everyone involved in the David Tate Jr. homicide case.  One of those suspects taking the stand as a witness today.

One of the suspects taking the stand as a witness today.  

Lashonta Dade, Jalen Reynolds and Taisha Santiago are charged with the shooting death of David Tate Jr.  The shooting happening in the 1300 block of East 20th Street the morning of June 29th of this year.  That shooting also injuring another man who needed surgery as a result of his gunshot wounds.

Dade gave testimony in the preliminary hearing this afternoon.  She says Reynolds asked her to drive him to East 20th Street to commit a robbery.  Dade testified that text messages were exchanged between Reynolds and Santiago to set up that robbery… that’s when it turned deadly.

Dade says Reynolds got back in the car and said, “I think I just killed both them (racial slur)”.

Also testifying, a Erie Police Department Detective, saying they recovered cell phones in this case, as well.  They said there were text messages exchanged just minutes before the shooting.

Tate’s family saying they’re happy the case is moving forward against all the suspects.  His Aunt, Roxanne Arnold, tells us, “David wouldn’t want us to hate. David didn’t have hate in him. If something was to happen, he would tell us to move on. Forgive them. They got to answer up there. So, I don’t hate them. They’re going to have to answer to somebody and it ain’t to us, it ain’t to the courts, they got to answer to God.”

The fourth suspect, David Dalton, is still at large.  He is also facing murder charges.  The family saying they hope they find him.  

We did aske the attorneys for comment and they declined.

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