Kathy Dahlkemper, Incumbent Democratic County Executive, announces what she calls key endorsements. 

Dahlkemper gathered with elected officials, saying a few words about why they’re supporting her and want to see her re-elected.  Dahlkemper is endorsed by 30 people who hold office.  Those include Governor Tom Wolf, state representatives, county and council members. 

“These are people I’ve worked with over the years,” says Dahlkemper.  “They know about my dedication to this position and my ability to work with them on the issues that are important to them – whether it be at the municipal level or at the state level.”

Dahlkemper says she will be going door to door and continuing to push for more support in these 18 days.

Republican Opponent, Art Oligeri, responds to Dahlkemper’s announcement saying, “It’s the same old, machine-style politics. When you have millions of dollars of taxpayer money to spend, everybody wants to be your friend.”

The two candidates were scheduled to debate at Springhill Retirement Home this afternoon.  However, Oligeri canceling the debate at the last minute. Olegeri telling us it was because of a change in format. 

Dahlkemper said Oligeri backed out citing concern that the public and the media would be able to attend the event.  She expressed disappointment that her opponent did not respect the time and effort Springhill staff put into organizing the debate. 

Be sure to catch the JET 24, FOX 66 Erie County Executive Forum on FOX 66 Tuesday, October 31st at 5pm and on JET 24 at 7pm.  It will also air on JET 24 Sunday, November 5th at 5pm.