The 29th annual Zabawa Polish Festival continues Saturday with more food, music and vendors.

The smell of pierogies and potato pancakes filled the air on day two of the Zabawa festival as the Kosmix, the Mar-Vels, and Dennis Polisky and the Maestro’s Men performed on stage for a large crowd.

One local man loves celebrating his Polish heritage with other Polish-Americans at the festival.

“I mean, we hardly ever miss this, and we know a lot of people. And like I said for this community, particularly for Holy Trinity Parish, what a great fundraiser. It’s an awesome thing to do, but I’ll say it again. This food Polish food, it’s my heart. It’s just outstanding,” Bill Wisniewski, attending the Zabawa festival.

Zabawa continues Saturday night until 10 pm.

On Sunday, the festival will run from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m.