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Thousands of visitors are hitting the beaches of Presque Isle this time of year, but there are other parts of the park to see, as well; parts you don’t need a car to get to.

Different parts of the park require different ways to get around.  The Presque Isle Canoe and Boat Rental has a wide range of ways to get around some of the less-visited corners of the park.  

Ron Sachse, of Presque Isle Canoe and Boat, says, “If you’re going back into the lagoons, it’s like going into a different world. It’s just so different from anything else around here people who come back are pretty amazed and pretty impressed and glad they did it.”

Pontoon boats, canoes, and kayaks are available on the park only for places like the lagoons and Misery Bay.  There are guided tours, too.   The advice is simple for those seeking an outdoor experience a bit off the beaten path, “C’mon out here! We have all kinds of stuff to rent. It’s actually pretty inexpensive to come out for an hour or two and get a little exercise too if you want if you want to paddle something,” says Sachse.

Rentals are available 8am-6:30pm seven days a week between Memorial Day and Labor Day and you can go guided or on your own.  Deposits are required, and for more information, you can call 814-838-3938.

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