Day at the Beach- Harmful Algal Blooms

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You’ve probably heard some of the concerns these days over harmful algal blooms that could contain toxins. It can lead to illness for humans. But it may be even more hazardous to your dog.

Scientists call them HABS, harmful algae blooms and they’re getting their share of attention these days. In large clusters they’re called blooms, sometimes looking like seaweed, and sometimes like pea soup.

The regional consortium located in the Tom Ridge Environmental Center routinely tests for algae toxins and sometimes, even though its okay for humans to swim, it may not be okay for your pet.

Park staff also ask you to realize that areas are posted based on the best information at the time, but the lake water is always moving and as a result, the algae blooms are on the move too.

Harmful algae blooms are single cell organisms that can multiply rapidly in the right conditions of sunlight and nutrients. Dense formations are called blooms, and while some blooms carry toxins, others do not.

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