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People in canoes and kayaks often marvel at the beauty you can find in the Presque Isle lagoons, but not everyone can do that much rowing; now there is another option.

Regulations forbid boats with combustion engines from entering the Presque Isle lagoons but not everyone can row a canoe or kayak that far.  

A solution is a ten foot electric pontoon boat that can navigate the lagoons while protecting their fragile eco-systems.  Boat Livery Manager, Ron Sachse, says, “these boats give someone an opportunity to see this and not having to paddle just lot more comfortable for a lot of people if they don’t want to sit in a kayak or canoe and come back here.”

The ten foot boats can hold up to four people and are smaller than traditional pontoon boats.  That can lead to an up-close experience with not only the beauty of the lagoons, but also the folklore, like how Graveyard Pond got its name.

“Perry, his men, wintered here and legend has it that it was such a bad winter that a lot of the crew men died and were buried in Graveyard Pond, again that’s legend,” explains Sachse.

Due to the number of electric pontoon boats you are asked to reserve ahead of time.  You can do so by calling the boat livery at 814-838-3938.  The cost will run you $60 for one hour, $80 for two hours, with a $200 deposit.

–Day at the Beach, Scott Bremner

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