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There is a lot of beauty on Presque Isle State Park, but there are dangers, too; especially this year, when it comes to Lyme Disease.  

Many of us are grateful that the last two winters have been fairly mild, but that comes at a price, in small packages:  an increase in the tick population.  This increase means a greater chance of Lyme Disease.

“People get [ticks] wherever they go,” says Jared McGary of Presque Isle State Park.  “Everybody thinks they’re on the multi-purpose trail and they’re not; there are ticks everywhere.”

The bacterial infection that can come from tick bites can lead to heart and joint problems if untreated and starts as a red rash.  Try not to underestimate that big problems can come from small sources.  McGary explains, “you’re not going up against a grizzly bear, you’re going up against something that’s very tiny that can cause a lot of problems if left untreated.”

Remember, ticks are actually attracted to bright colors (so wear dark colors and check your white and light colored pets!)  Use bug spray, especially in the woods.  Tuck pant legs into socks to limit access and pull embedded ticks out as soon as possible.  The recommended method is to pull them out with a pair of tweezers, and seek treatment.

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