Lettie G. Howard day sails have started up for the 2022 season and the Brig Niagara is expected to be ready next month.

There’s another attraction for those visiting the Bayfront to enjoy.

The Lettie G. Howard daily sails are happening each Friday, Saturday and Sunday night all summer long.

Captain William Sabatini said that the Flagship Niagara daily sails will start after preparations are complete.

“Getting Niagara’s cover off feels very good. Remember, we didn’t get the cover off until August or September last year, so we have a lot of painting to do. We’re then going to start the actual up-rig process of putting all the rope and all the sails and all the big pieces of wood that we have to put on the ship,” said Captain William Sabatini.

Captain Sabatini said the Brig Niagara will be ready to sail in June, and will head to Ohio in July.