Day Three, Crawford County Fair

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The Crawford County Fair will see nearly 175,000 people over the eight days and will generate more than $1 million.  

The Fair Board has been able to expand and improve the annual event and the fair grounds, thanks to the millions of dollars generated over the years.

President of the Crawford County Fair, Bill Winters, is proud.  “This is rural America at its best!”

The horses are ready for racing, the pigs are ready for showing, and the fried food vendors line the road.  The Crawford County Fair celebrates 72 years and it’s come a long way.  “We have put over $4 million back into these fair grounds,” says Winters.

All of the money generated goes right back into expanding the fair grounds and building infrastructure.  “Everything we do, everything we build, every one of these buildings you see, we turn them over to the county. The county owns everything here.”

Winters says numbers are down across the board this year and the weather is to blame, but he remains optimistic.  And, the influx of visitors to the area doesn’t only benefit the fair.

LeRoy Stearns, Mayor of Meadville, tells us, “It brings a lot of individuals into the city, you know, when they leave the fair, or prior to going to the fair, they may come downtown and shop locally.”

One Crawford County church makes nearly $25,000 selling… get this… 13 varieties of their homemade pies.  “The biggest seller is coconut cream and then we have lemon, blueberry, blackberry, elderberry is a really big seller,” says Allen Jacobs, Chairman of Fallowfield United Methodist Church.

The church has been serving fair guests their homemade pies for 61 years.  They donate half of that money to local non-profits and the other half to international missions.  “It’s just a great time and a great way to serve the lord.  We look forward to it every year,” says Jacobs.

The Crawford County Fair runs through Saturday.  Stop down to enjoy all of the entertainment, food, and try one of these delicious pies!

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