Day two of the Zabawa Festival

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Day two of the Zabawa Polish Festival is underway and what a perfect weekend so far.

The 26th annual festival gives folks a taste of authentic food right in the heart of the city. Community members can look forward to 3 bands including: The Lil’ John’s Band, The Mar-Vels, and the Dennis Polisky and the Maestro’s Men. There will be a Polka Mass in addition to an abundant amount of food like kielbasa, potato pancakes and stuffed cabbage rolls.

“In my opinion it’s neat because we do it right here in the neighborhood we stay on our own property and thats the way it’s been for over a hundred and some years. People that have any kinds of roots from here just come back.” said Ray Luniewski, Co-Chair of the Zabawa Festival.

The event runs through Sunday until 6pm

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