Deadline to register to vote for June primary quickly approaching

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The local election office wants to remind you that May 18th is the last day that you can register to vote in the June primary.

May 26th is the last day that you can apply for a mail in or absentee ballot. After that, the only option is to vote in person on June 2nd.

So far, they have received over 28,000 applications. Election officials say, the COVID-19 pandemic has made the whole process very difficult.

“The fact is that COVID-19 has certainly made mail-in voting a far more preferred mode. As a result, we are seeing more ballots than even I imagined.” said Doug Smith, Erie County Clerk.

Smith says that some voters were confused what color pen to use while filling out the forms. He says that blue, or black, are acceptable. You can drop off your ballot at the Erie County Courthouse.

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