It’s that time of year…Deer vehicle collisions are on the rise, and body shop owners said if you hit a deer, you could be waiting a while to get your car fixed. 

Body shop owners said you could be waiting longer and also paying more for repairs, especially with the uptick in deer collisions. With that knowledge, you might want to pay extra attention out on the road this time of year.

The owner of Ras Auto Body said they’ve seen an increase in deer collisions. The general manager said that they are facing delays regarding parts needed for repairs and added that customers could also be paying more to have their cars fixed.

“Costs have gone up. But very easily from $3,000 to $8,000 and beyond with the cost of parts there’s definitely an increase in the costs for repairs,” said Jim Winarski, general manager, Ras Auto Body.

Local insurance agents said in mid-October and early November there is an increase in deer collisions and explained that it’s mating season, so deer are often on the run. The owner of Ras Auto Body said don’t assume your car is safe to drive after a collision.

“Look and make sure no fluids are leaking. If there is fluid leaking, the best thing you can do is park it, get a wrecker, take it to your repair shop and go from there,” said David Ras, owner, Ras Auto Body.

One insurance agent said if you’ve been involved in a collision, there are steps you should immediately take.

“Make sure you move your vehicle to a safe spot off the road or a parking lot. If it’s drivable you know to get it off the road, take some pictures, call your insurance agency or your company, and file a claim. If the car is not drivable, they’ll be able to set up a tow for you to get that car to a repair shop,” Matt Barczyk, Allstate insurance agent.

Barczyk added that if you hit a deer and have comprehensive coverage on your insurance policy, it will likely cover deer collisions.