For some, Thanksgiving Day is their holiday, but for others, it means deer season is about to begin.

“Go out and enjoy yourself but be safe,” said Bob McDowell, owner, Bob’s Gun Shop and Indoor Shooting Range.

Deer season is underway this weekend, and this year, the season is open on the first Sunday after Thanksgiving.

“This year, the only change we see in hunting season is the first Saturday after Thanksgiving is the beginning day, and the first Sunday is allowed for hunting this year,” McDowell added.

Area woods are expected to be filled with hunters. There could be 600,000 hunters in Pennsylvania looking to bag a deer, but those numbers are dwindling,

“One of the things I just read is we lose about 30,000 hunters a year nationwide, so it’s a diminishing sport,” said McDowell.

This year, with the lack of snow on the ground, tracking deer will be difficult. This may keep some hunters out of the woods, but for others, the weather won’t matter.

McDowell said if you’re in the woods to know what’s around you. A thought echoed by Jason Armory with the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

“It’s supposed to be around 50 degrees, so it’s hard to say. The warmer weather will mean it’s easier for people to get out, but some hunters will prefer snow. It makes it easier to see the deer, and anticipation can go up if some people anticipate a little bit of snowfall,” said Jason Armory, Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Unfortunately, like years past, not everyone is safe in the woods.

“The main issue we confront every year is people who are injured in some way. The person gets between the hunter who’s firing beyond the animal they’re firing at, so at some point, they’re injured in the line of fire,” Armory added. “We tell people to be conscious of where you’re shooting, what you are shooting at and make sure of the surroundings in the background and behind the animal you’re shooting at.”

Mcdowell said to get out and enjoy yourself, but at the same time, be safe in the woods.