Defendant’s mother and State police called to the stand on day two of the trial for man accused of fatally shooting a Wendy’s manager in Edinboro

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Markese Lampley is accused of fatally shooting a Wendy’s employee. Lampley continues to represent himself on day three of the murder trial.

Today we heard testimony from Lampley’s mother.

The mother of the defendant testified that she attended a family gathering while leaving her son at home on the day of the shooting at Wendy’s.

On day three of the trial, prosecutors called Lampley’s mother to the stand while asking her questions about the whereabouts of her son on January 25th, 2020.

The mother of the defendant said that Lampley did not attend the family gathering which happened around 2 p.m. This was around the same time that 22-year-old Alexander Cavannah was fatally shot at the Edinboro Wendy’s.

Prosecutors also called Pennsylvania State Police to the stand to evaluate evidence.

State police forensics stated that gunshot residue was found on samples taken from Markese Lampley’s hands.

Lampley chose to cross examine the state police officer asking if it was possible for one to have gun residue on ones hand if they handled a gun that someone else shot, to which state police responded that yes it is possible.

Another state police officer testified that there is not enough DNA from the motorcycle helmet that was left at the Wendy’s to test and match it to the defendant.

Prosecutors said that they could wrap up as early as Thursday. Still in question, could the defendant take the stand when it’s the defense’s turn?

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