On Friday, Republican leaders submitted their new congressional map to Governor Tom Wolf, but the political battle over the state’s redistricting is still far from over.  

Republicans say their new map is constitutional and complies with the State Supreme Court decision, but Democratic leaders already calling on Wolf to reject it.  

Friday night, Republican leaders submitted a redrawn map of the state’s 18 Congressional Districts to Governor Wolf, replacing the 2011 map, which the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional.  

Executive Director of the League of Women Voters, PA, Suzanne Almeida, says, “We’re excited that something was submitted. That is a step in the process. But, it’s really just not good enough.”  She says the map has some of the same old problems, “We’re still seeing too many splits. We’re still seeing too much gerrymandering. We’re still seeing too much partisan imbalance.”

Democratic leaders sending a letter to the governor Friday saying the map was not the product of bipartisan work and asking Governor Wolf to reject it.

Chairman of the Republican Party of PA, Val Digiorgio, says, “The problem was the order itself. The order didn’t discuss whether there was supposed to be a legislative process or other process. The fact of the matter is, the Supreme Court wants to draw these lines itself. Wants to act as a super legislature.”

Digiorgio worries the governor and Democrats are simply trying to get their own partisan map passed, saying, “This really isn’t about, in our estimation, drawing more compact seats. That’s a ruse to be used for a plan to really just get more Democrat seats.”

A Stanford Professor already has been retained by the Supreme Court to consult on the redraw of the Congressional map.  The battle moving to social media with House Speaker Mike Turzai asking when the governor and Democrats will release their maps to the public.  Representative Frank Dermody firing back, asking when lawmakers will be called into session to have a vote on a map.

Governor Wolf has until Thursday to accept the redrawn map. If he doesn’t, the State Supreme Court will adopt its own plan.

–Matt Heckel, Jet 24 Action News