Harborcreek residents have been looking for answers as to what might be coming next for an empty plaza.

The former Kmart/Big Lots property could be on it’s way out.

What was once a popular plaza to shop, ended up closing leaving it vacant for years. Recently, the former Kmart/Big Lots Plaza in Harborcreek Township has been issued a demolition permit.

Harborcreek Township Supervisor Dean Pepicello said the owners have not yet told what their future plans may be, but with the asbestos work that currently being done, it seems like it will be knocked down soon.

Pepicello told us there were internal discussions for the township to purchase the property but with this permit, those plans are now on hold.

“We would have talked to other developers or done something ourselves but apparently that won’t have to be the case. We think the future is bright. We’re thrilled that the developer, the owner has made this decision and we think the future is bright for them too,” he said.

According to Pepicello, Buffalo and Nagle Roads are the busiest intersection in Harborcreek and with all the recent developments in the corridor, this empty building stands out.

“I think that the community just kind of grew tired of seven years of inactivity there and seeing all the growth around it hopefully in large part to all out economic development policies,” Pepicello explained. “They were very vocal our community. It’s been the number one issue for years.”

“Although it’s only in the early stages, one state representative is hopeful for the future of this property.”

“I support the Harborcreek Township supervisors they’ve been working on this for quite some time trying to work with the owners here to take care of this property,” said State Rep. Bob Merski (D).

Merski believes the permit is a breakthrough for the vacant building.

“This is just the beginning. Once this is cleared hopefully we can have some redevelopment in this area and anyway I can support them, I’m on board 100 percent,” Merski went on to say.