Department of Defense responds to relief needs, Hurricane Irma

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The Department of Defense (DoD) has announced their relief effort plans for Hurricane Irma.  The DoD has announced they will deploy 4,600 service members to assist in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico and approximately 10,400 members to relief operation teams in Florida.  

The British Royal Marines will deploy to Antigua and Turks and Caicos to assist with relief efforts, there.  The US Army will send medical supplies to St. Thomas.  FEMA shipped 28 Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) generators to Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.  DLA is also pushing commodities.

The DoD will send USACE power restoration teams, debris removal experts, temporary roofing teams, and port survey personnel to assess supply requirements to Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Florida.

27 helicopters have been sent off the east coast of Florida and search and rescue teams have been deployed to multiple locations to assist local teams, and air craft have also been sent to St. Martin.  

The US Army has sent 33 high water trucks to Florida.  Defense Logistics Agency is coordinating the shipment of fuel and meals to bases in Carolina and Georgia.

The DoD has coordinated the evacuation of 1,904 individuals over the past 3 days, with all remaining US citizens requesting evacuation to be completed today, and around 500 being evacuated from British Islands no later than tomorrow.

Irma has now weakened as it moves in Georgia.  Her destruction, though, set a record of power outages.  There are 6.6 million outages affecting around 10 million people.  The previous record was 6.2 million during Hurricane Sandy.

Currently, crews are assessing highways and bridges for safety of travel.

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