It was a tough night for baseball fans in Erie as the Erie SeaWolves lost the final game of the championship series in New Jersey.

Several fans said despite this loss, they will continue to support the SeaWolves. Some even suggested a welcome home party to celebrate the playoff season.

As baseball fans gathered for a watch party for the final game of the playoff series, the erie SeaWolves playoff season came to a close Wednesday night.

Despite the loss, local fans celebrated the overall season and were optimistic about next year.

“Its our local team, and they’ve done wonderfully tonight was just very unfortunate, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love our Erie SeaWolves,” said Val Crofoot, Erie SeaWolves fan.

“They were just outplayed this time, and I think they deserve a lot of credit. It was good, very good for Erie,” said Anne Keeley, Erie SeaWolves fan.

Another baseball fan who said he has rooted for the SeaWolves for more than 20 years said the team making it this far in the playoffs is a victory.

“I’ve been watching baseball for 60 or 70 years, and I’ve been in Erie for maybe 50, but it’s good to see the SeaWolves have finally made it into the playoffs,” said Bill Kay, Erie SeaWolves fan.

Niko Simon agreed as he shared an encouraging message for the team.

“We made it here this is the first time we ever made it as a team and enjoy what they did, and look back on it and say this was a phenomenal season we made history,” said Niko Simon, Erie SeaWolves fan.

Several diehard fans said they hope next year more people go to UPMC Park for more regular season games. They said the SeaWolves need the community’s support.