Devin Stevenson heads to trial for a fatal shooting incident in 2015

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A man charged in the shooting death of another man from a 2015 incident is heading to trial.  

Stevenson is charged with shooting a jman who later died from his injuries.  Stevenson ultimately admitted to the shooting, however, the defense is saying it was self-defense in an attempted robbery.

23 year old Devin Stevenson is heading to trial on murder charges.  The judge bound over all charges to trial in a preliminary hearing on Monday.  

Paul Sellers, Assistant District Attorney, says, “We met the burden that we have to prove at this point. The judge made the determination based on the evidence. We had the evidence we need to take it trial. So at this point we start getting ready for trial and we’re confident in our case going forward.”

Police filed murder charges against Stevenson in July for allegedly shooting O’Shae Imes multiple times near Edinboro’s campus in the 100 block of Meadville Road in March of 2015.  

The only testimony presented in the hearing is from the Edinboro Police Officer who responded to the scene the night of the shooting.

Defense Attorney, David Ridge said, “We did expect the charges would be bound to court. We have a very legitimate self-defense case, but we understand that’s for a jury to decide. It’s not something a District Judge can rule on…  There’s absolutely nothing to indicate that he went to that apartment with the plan to hurt or shooting anybody. The rest of it I’ll put in front of a jury. I won’t go in too much detail right now.”

The night of the shooting, Stevenson went to the Edinboro Police Department and reported he shot a man because he was robbed.

“He did report he had been robbed,” said Ridge, “That was proven to be true. He was credible in admitted he was the person who fired a weapon. I think that’s going to be a major factor when we take this in front of a jury.”

A second man was shot that night; Andrew Baker.  Testimony revealed that Stevenson allegedly went to the house to sell marijuana to Imes and Baker.

The Officer testified to an interview he had with Baker when Baker said he did not have the money to pay for the marijuana Stevenson allegedly was there to sell.  The Officer also testified that witnesses heard Imes demand Stevenson to give him the bag and was also armed with what appeared to be a firearm, but was later determined to be a pellet gun.

The pellet gun was found laying next to Imes when police responded to the scene.

Sellers explained that “Attorney Ridge has indicated that he is going to be filing some motions.  As… legal issues come up, we’ll address them in front of Judge Mead. But at this point, we just start getting ready for the case.”

Baker is charged with Conspiracy to Commit Robbery.

He was located in Delaware and Attorney Sellers tells us they are working right now to have him brought back to Erie to begin his court process.

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