DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Can a face shield be worn in place of a mask?

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Many states and facilities have mandates in place that require people to wear a face covering. When we think of a face covering, we ultimately think of masks. However, face shields cover the entire face and allows for easy talking and breathing, so are these acceptable in place of a mask?

The CDC does not recommend using a face shield in place of a face mask. Although it acts as a barrier, face shields have open areas which allow you to breathe in air particles. A face shield is primarily used to protect the face from splashes of bodily fluids.

However, if you are in a situation where its acceptable to wear a face shield, it must be worn properly. Face shields should start at the forehead and surpass your chin. If you or someone around you is sick, its recommended to wear your face mask with your face shield.

You should also clean your face shield thoroughly if you are wearing it multiple times. Any disinfectant or household cleaner will work to effectively clean one.

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