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According to the National Diaper Bank Network one in three families suffers from diaper needs. The Erie Family Center’s Diaper Depot is aiming to change that.

“We wanted to create the Diaper Depot for everyone. There’s such a need in Erie for a little bit of help with diapers, and all the programs that exist either have a location requirement or a financial income requirement. We really want to be able to have a program that was open to everyone in the community,” said Christina Bell, Diaper Depot Coordinator.

The Erie Family Center started planning Monday’s inaugural drive in October of last year. According to Bell, about 150 families would be served from 12-7 p.m. at the Raspberry Street location.

“We’re handing out a week’s worth of diapers, which is approximately 25,” said Megan Haugh, Erie Family Center Advancement and Outreach Coordinator.

In total, about 5,000 diapers were given out to the Erie community in just one day. Anyone in the Erie community is welcome to the supply, but you need to call and make a reservation in addition to providing a few documents.

“We just need the child’s birth certificate and a valid I.D. from the parent picking them up, or grandparent, caregiver,” said Haugh.

Diapers are a necessity for a healthy child and can add up to be a big cost. On average, people spend $70-$80 a month on diapers. One young mother was happy for the supply.

“I just started a new job, so right now money’s tight. And now they’re providing diapers and pull-ups for us, until I can get the income that I need, so it’s very helpful for my children,” said Krystal Calkims.

Bell says the community donated $5,000 worth of diapers for Monday’s event. Looking to next month, the Erie Family Center is already gearing up for that drive.

Starting February 3, you can call the Erie Family Center at 814-520-8214 to schedule you appointment for next month’s drive on February 24. Bell is aiming to making this drive happen on the last Monday of each month.

“We’re really hoping that this will help. And you know children will stay clean, dry and healthy,” said Bell.

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