DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Mosquitoes and West Nile Virus

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The warmer the weather, the more mosquitoes you’ll see. Every summer, they’re out all over the area. We all may have experienced the itchy bump that comes from when they bite, but they can do more than just that. Mosquitoes are common spreaders of West Nile Virus. People who get the virus most likely wont see any symptoms, but if you do you’ll experience flu like symptoms.

There are ways to avoid mosquitoes. Make sure you have no standing water around your home. Standing water attracts mosquitoes, causing them to lay eggs in these areas. Planting things like lavender, lemon grass, and citronella can also drive mosquitoes away. Remember to also apply repellent, and try to steer clear of wooded areas unless you’re wearing clothing that covers your skin.

The Erie County Department of Health is doing their best to minimize the risk of the virus through their summer mosquito program. Gravity water traps are placed around Erie County to capture as many mosquitoes as they can. After capturing the pests, they’re shipped off and tested for West Nile Virus. So far this year, they’ve seen no positive cases of West Nile in our area.

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