DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Practicing safety precautions leading to COVID Fatigue

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We all hear the same safety measures every day: mask up, keep your distance, stay home, and wash your hands. With end of COVID in sight, people may now be feeling tired, stressed, and frustrated with these precautions. These feelings are all associated with something called COVID fatigue. The first step to finding a solution is recognizing you have these feelings, and realizing that feeling this way is nothing to be ashamed of.

Feeling this fatigue unfortunately is not an excuse to stop practicing these safety measures, but try to get creative to ease those negative feelings. Epidemiologist Emily Shears of UPMC Hamot recommends separating yourself from others every so often to allow yourself to take mask breaks. When social distancing, psychologist Lisa May of UPMC Western Behavioral Heath suggests finding activities where you can easily keep your distance and spending time with family or smaller groups. You can also find an activity or hobby that you enjoy doing alone that doesn’t require wearing a mask.

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