DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Problems with wearing a mask

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The spread of COVID-19 set a new required trend for many around the world: wearing a face covering. Although the standard has been set for a few months now, some of us are still having trouble adjusting to the issues that come with it.

Wearing a mask or face covering makes breathing tougher, especially if you’re wearing it all day. Trying to breathe with warmer temperatures in the forecast can also make wearing face coverings problematic. Your face covering should be comfortable enough for you to do things you’d normally do during your day. You can try things like using a bandana, or loosening the mask.

Some of us may also be seeing “maskne” – acne from constantly wearing a mask. There are a number of products you can try to protect your face from breakouts.

Most importantly, remember to wash your mask and face coverings often. If not daily, wash it every two days.

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