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Coronavirus is causing anxiety with keeping things cleaned and sanitized. SERVEPRO of Erie has several steps for the full equation of cleaning+sanitizing=disinfecting in any home or business.

First and foremost, SERVEPRO uses multiple steps to disinfect an area. They use environmental controls like a hydroxyl generator and an air scrubber to “clean and sanitize the air,” according to Andy Dobson, microbial remediation specialist and owner of SERVEPRO. This prevents cross contamination of areas.

To protect themselves, Dobson says they use respirators and coveralls. This protects against airborne viruses and any chemicals that may potentially come into contact with the body and cause irritation.

Face masks have been ubiquitous in the recent weeks. Dobson said the masks help protect against any airborne droplets that might have the virus, but they don’t really do anything if you are already sick.

Once SERVEPRO cleans the area, sanitizing is the next step. Dobson says they use an ultra-low volume fogger and an EPA-regulated, hospital-grade disinfectant. These two together creates a fine and even mist to cover any area. Dobson says this has been effective with similar viruses to COVID-19.

Dobson said the spread of this virus can be slowed down by cleaning and disinfecting.

To reach SERVEPRO of East Erie and Warren Counties, call 814-646-6760. To reach SERVEPRO of West Erie, call 814-806-1987.

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