DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Stray pets common in the summer

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As you enjoy some outdoor activities this summer, you may notice more stray dogs or cats roaming without their owners. Area animal shelters are already seeing a number of stray animals coming in daily. The number of stray animals increase during the warmer months for a number of different reasons, but it isn’t always due to neglect or carelessness. Our furry friends are excited to get out and enjoy the nice weather just like us.

To decrease the chances of your pet becoming classified as a stray, its important to have the proper identification. Proper identification with a collar, license and microchip helps animals to become reunited with their owners or families faster. Its the law to have your animal properly identified.

Cats are free roaming in Pennsylvania, so its harder to classify these animals as strays. If a stray cat is lurking around your property, its easiest to just let it find it way back home. Don’t feed it or do anything to tempt it to stick around.

If you see a stray, do your part and first try to reunite it with the owner using the animal’s identification. You can also bring it to one of the animal shelters to try to be identified. Social media is another great tool to use to get these strays back home.

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