DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Summer J.A.M. 2020 begins for Erie County youth

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Phase 1 of the Summer J.A.M. program (Summer Jobs and More) kicked off Monday, June 22nd.

Summer J.A.M . is a collaborative effort of Erie County, the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority, the Erie Community Foundation, and G.E.C.A.C. to employ youth of Erie County ages 16-21.

Collaborators believe this program is important for youth to continue to establish connections and engagement which is why they decided to continue operations even through the COVID-19 pandemic. To adhere to safety guidelines, the program is broken down into two phases this year. An increase from the minimum wage pay is also being given to these youth as a result of the pandemic.

Summer J.A.M has an array of jobs in the county where youth are stationed. One participant of Summer J.A.M is Isabella Lee, a high school senior. She is spending her summer at Whole Foods Co-op, and is thankful for the unique experience.

Youth have until July 2nd to get involved in phase 2 of the program. Those interested can click here for program information and requirements.

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