DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Watch out for gift card scams this holiday season

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The holidays are fast approaching; have you figured out your shopping list? One of the items on your list may be a gift card. Gift cards are a popular and easy gift to give, but while they’re popular among consumers they’re also popular among scammers. Once a scammer has the gift card information, they have control of any funds associated with the card.

According to Pam Marlowe of the Better Business Bureau, there are tips to remember to avoid gift card scams. Inspect a gift card for any signs of tampering before purchasing it. Keep the receipt for proof, and have the recipient of the gift card register it as soon as possible if that’s a required step to use the gift card.

If you’re giving a gift card virtually, do your research on the website and company to ensure that its legitimate. You should also do your research on websites that provide help numbers. Most of these websites can be developed by scammers to access gift card or bank account information as well.

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