Diocese of Erie launches Survivors’ Reparation Fund

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New details regarding the independently administered compensation fund for victims of abuse in the Diocese of Erie have been announced by The Most Rev. Lawrence T. Persico, Bishop of Erie.

An independent administrator has been named, a timeframe has been set, and a plan for how the funds will be secured is now in place. The primary purpose of the Survivors’ Reparation Fund for the Diocese of Erie, which will launch in mid-February 2019, is to offer time-barred survivors of sexual abuse a straightforward, non-contentious pathway to obtain monetary compensation for the harm that sexual predators within the Diocese of Erie inflicted.

“It is my sincere hope that the establishment of the Diocese of Erie’s Survivors’ Reparation Fund will provide some measure of justice, closure and validation for the terrible acts that victims endured,” Bishop Persico said.

In expressing his sorrow and remorse over the past several months, Bishop Persico has promised to take action in support of his words. The establishment of the Survivors’ Reparation Fund is another important aspect of his comprehensive response.

“Although money will never fully heal the deep wounds felt by survivors, this fund is a crucial step in the diocese’s ongoing reconciliation and reform efforts,” he said.

The Diocese of Erie has retained Kenneth Feinberg, one of the nation’s leading experts in mediation, to independently admin resolve, with considerable risk of inaction or failed action. The Survivors‘ Reparation Fund allows qualified survivors to receive guaranteed compensation.

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