District Attorney decides deadly force was warranted in Orrenmaa shooting

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A quiet Girard community was the center of attention last week after a state trooper shot and killed 36-year-old Matthew Orrenmaa.

Tuesday, the Erie County District Attorney announces the shooting of Orrenmaa was justifiable due the circumstances. 

“The first two shots as well as the second two shots when Mr. Orrenmaa sprung up constituted deadly force,” said Jack Daneri, Pennsylvania District Attorney. 

A 911 call came in before troopers arrived on the scene describing Orrenmaa. “And he was reaching in his pocket, like he was reaching for possibly a gun, maybe I’m crazy, but he really looks scary,” said the 911 caller. “There was a truck parked across the street… he was like standing there waiting.” 

Investigators say Orrenmaa was holding a black object that was later identified as a black and silver electric razor.

Dashcam video appears to show Orrenmaa running towards the state trooper flailing his arms before he was shot. Daneri says he attempted to contact Orrenmaa father. “To let him know that there will likely be a video, as well as the note could wind up on his TV set,” said Daneri. “ And that’s very unfortunate, but I think it’s important that the public understand the investigation that was done.”

There’s little known about Orrenmaa, but there was paperwork from the Cleveland Veterans Hospital found in his car. “Within reading that paperwork, you can glean from it that Mr. Orrenmaa had either sought or had been treated for… suicidal ideations,” said Daneri. 

Investigators also recovered a  note from Orrenmaa’s body that stated: “To loved ones, I am truly sorry for all I have drug you through. I love you all. Love truly, Matthew Orrenmaa. my children do not be disappointed.”

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