District Attorney makes ruling in officer involved shooting investigation

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After several weeks of an investigation, the District Attorney’s Office will not charge an officer who was involved in a Millcreek shooting.

We spoke to the district attorney about this decision.

The District Attorney’s Office gave a POV perspective on a shooting that involved an officer during the month of October.

We want to warn you however, you might find the police footage disturbing.

This is video from an officer involved shooting that took place in the morning hours of Sunday October 25th.

The video shows crucial elements that caused the District Attorney Jack Daneri and his office to come to the conclusion not to charge an officer following the shooting.

“It was my decision that the trooper’s use of force at the armed defendant was justified and criminal charges are not warranted,” said Jack Daneri, Erie County District Attorney.

The man in the video is Marquelle Goodwine. Goodwine led police on a chase after failing to pull over for a traffic violation.

The pursuit traveled through the Millcreek Market Place. It ended when the 19-year-old was shot by a trooper after Goodwine dropped a gun and then picked it up.

It is unclear if the gun was pointed directly at the trooper.

“From my assessment to determine if that force was appropriate, there was nothing that would require the trooper to wait until the defendant turned on him,” said Daneri.

From video and witness testimony, the officer tazed and maced Goodwine multiple times.

“He tried less lethal options. The defendant clearly came back for a weapon that he dropped. He could have kept running. He could have walked away from it. The trooper would have filed charges later. He came back, picked it up, brought the weapon back into the fight, should have never done it. The trooper defended himself and followed his training,” said Kirk Reese, State Police Captain.

Goodwine has made a statement to police. The district attorney would not disclose what was said.

Goodwine will face a judge tomorrow for a preliminary hearing at 11.

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