District Attorney to not seek death penalty against a man accused of killing two people

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After much discussion, the district attorney’s office will not seek the death penalty against a man accused of killing two people.

District Attorney Jack Daneri said that Cody Potthoff’s charges would allow his office to pursue the death penalty.

This decision comes after the 25-year-old allegedly went on a two day crime spree in June this year.

Daneri explained that his office discussed the pro’s and con’s list for the death penalty and how it relates to the case.

Daneri added that they have come to the conclusion that it did not warren the death penalty.

“Getting the death penalty is no victory or anything that the victim’s families can take because they don’t get that result,” said Jack Daneri, District Attorney for Erie County.

The DA’s office has been in contact and discussed the matter with the victims families.

Potthoff is set to stand trial on March 18th.

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