Divers celebrate New Year with cold splash in Presque Isle Bay

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Many people are more than happy to jump into the new year. Some people started by taking that to the next level by starting the new year with a jump into Presque Isle Bay.

It’s a fresh start to 2021 for divers in Erie as they head into Presque Isle Bay.

Members of the Blue Dolphin Skin Divers Club and the Erie Skin Divers kept a standing tradition alive. They are kicking off the new year with a dive, even when it is 30° outside and the water becoming a little icy in the bay.

“It kid of washes away the old year and starts the new and there’s no better way to get it going.” said Tammy Bilotti, Erie Skin Divers.

“It’s tradition, good times and a good way to start a dive season out.” said Tom Krahnke, Blue Dolphin Skin Divers Club.

“This is what made me start doing it. About six years ago, I came down to watch these fools jump in the water and swim around and then, I’m like, I’m going to do that and now I get to be one of them.” said Doug Olson, Blue Dolphin Skin Divers Club

Once the divers complete their first splash of the year, they welcome a new person into the water.

Some of the divers stayed in the water to swim and see what lies in the bay for about 15 to 20 minutes.

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