Leadership with Erie Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commission said it will be known as Diverse Erie and presented its new logo to Erie County Council during a progress report on Thursday, April 14.

Leaders said the Commission is building momentum and will begin investing in programs and projects to advance generational change in Erie County in three strategic focus areas.

The areas consist of:

  • Homeownership
  • Small Business Development
  • Training
  • Education

Gerald L. Blanks, Diverse Erie Board Chairperson, said they are building an organization from the ground up and it’s beginning to take form operationally and strategically.

“Our vision is to create an environment where all people of color are welcome and included — that’s a lofty vision, considering we are starting from a benchmark that shows people of color in Erie face sharp disparities in job opportunities, business development, home ownership and educational opportunities cased by persistent racism.”

Gerald L. Blanks, Diverse Erie Board Chairperson.

Back in September 2021, Erie County took the step toward ending the public health crisis among people of color when it unanimously created the Erie County Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commission, which is now known as Diverse Erie.

Diverse Erie will invest in initiatives and ideas that advance equity in Erie County.

“Right now, we are studying how successful DEI work is being undertaken in communities like Atlanta, Georgia, and Columbus, Ohio, and we will apply best practices here in Erie. Erie County Council got it right — at the right moment — in line with our peers across the country and we intend to leverage the Council’s investment to grow our efforts on behalf of Erie County.”

Gary Lee, Chief Administrative Officer, Diverse Erie