Doctors advise to beware of sun exposure

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Everyone loves getting outside to enjoy the sun especially after a long Erie winter,but that pale skin of yours must be protected before hitting the beach.
“Reapply sunscreen frequently” said Justin Puller Physician at UPMC Hamot “and apply it at least 15 minutes before you begin activity or try to go into a pool, the short term problems from sun exposure are sun burn and then long term is skin cancer such as melanoma which can be very serious.”
Doctors also advise you to wear hats and clothes with little skin exposure to protect your skin while out in the sun.
“It is definitely very important” said Erie Resident Katie Bellay “especially since the skin cancer risk is rising.”
Even if you have spent years or decades unprotected in the sun, there are still ways you can protect your skin from melanoma.
“It is never too late to remember to protect yourself from the sun” said Puller “and the harmful effects of it and frequent appointments with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for skin checks and checking your skin at home is always important to look for new marks.”
However, skin cancer is not the only risk with sun exposure, heat exhaustion is also a looming danger.
“Watch the exposure to the heat” said Tom White Nurse Practitioner at St, Vincent Hospital “because that is what you want to do you want to avoid heat exhaustion which is a heat related illness when you have been out in high temperatures for a long time so you want to make sure you stay well hydrated if you’re starting to have symptoms get out of the high heat.”
Doctors say with every burn you receive from the sun your risk of getting skin cancer increases and also saying heat exhaustion is found more in kids so pay attention to your kids while playing outside.

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