A mid-week heat wave is being forecast for the Erie area, leading some doctors to worry about heat exhaustion for those who spend too much time outside.

Here is more on how to stay safe and cool during this time.

With the scorching heat coming into town on Wednesday, residents should tread with caution in order to avoid heat stroke.

Heat exhaustion and the more serious heat stroke can happen when your body can no longer cool itself off because of the loss of salts and fluids.

The keys are to stay hydrated and don’t stay out in the heat too long.

We spoke to a UPMC emergency room doctor who shared how to spot someone who is suffering from a heat stroke.

“The heat emergency that we’re really worried about is heat stroke. That’s the true medical emergency. That’s your body not being able to cool itself off anymore. In those instances you don’t really know it. It’s the people around you who would know it. So when they see you if you’re acting confused or feel really warm, that the time you really want to get that person to an emergency room to be evaluated,” said Fred Mirarchi, UPMC Emergency Room Physician.

The elderly, as well as those with high blood pressure, are at a higher risk of developing the symptoms of heat exhaustion.

Be sure to watch out for others who may be suffering from heat stroke symptoms.