Doctors share advice for anyone who believes they may have COVID-19

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Not sure what to do if you believe you may have the COVID-19 virus? Or have visited an area with confirmed cases?

The best advice is this. If you are feeling mild symptoms, you may be better off staying home.

Those symptoms would include a fever, cough, or shortness of breath. But how to determine if you are feeling sick enough to seek help? One piece of advice to ask yourself some of the same questions you’d be hearing from a medical professional.

Dr. Wayne Jones of St. Vincent Hospital says it’s flu season and there are many similarities between the flu and COVID-19 symptoms, making it difficult to tell the difference.

It’s important to ask yourself if you’ve recently traveled to areas with confirmed cases. If so, yo may have been exposed to the virus. This does not necessarily mean you should be rushing to the emergency room.

“If we’re just kind of sick: cough, cold, runny nose, don’t feel well, then stay home,” Dr. Jones said. “You don’t need to come in for that. If we become more ill, you really believe you’re sick, you really need some kind of care, call your family doctor then we can coordinate how you come to the ER.”

Dr. Jones says people will not be able to just walk into St. Vincent’s and ask to be tested. You must first be tested for the flu and other viruses and ultimately be approved for COVID-19 testing by the Department of Health.

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