Does Advertising Impact Your Vote?

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The billboards are up. The yard signs are in place. If you are on social media, you’ll see the campaigning on social media is in full force. 
With two weeks to go until primary election day, for the seven candidates on the democratic ticket for the City of Erie mayoral race, there’s still a lot of work to be done. 
But will a bigger advertising budget and a long list of endorsements guarantee a top spot?
 Endorsements can provide a queue for voters who don’t have a lot of information on election day. They could say, well I don’t have as much info as I would like but I do know that they are endorsed by this group and I like this group so this candidate may not be all that bad,” says Joe Morris the director of Mercyhurst’s Applied Politics.
The last time there was such a large field of candidates was when Joyce Savocchio was running her first campaign. Those who worked closely on her campaign say while there are many more resources available to these candidates it still comes down to money.
“I think it was much harder to get yourself known or to get your message out and its very expensive in a city like Erie it is very difficult to raise that kind of money to run a campaign,” says Rita Cappello.
Cappello, Savocchio’s mayoral assistant and campaign manager says in a city the size of Erie sometimes it’s the grass roots campaigning that means the most 
“The more often you are out with people, that you can meet peopl,e shake their hands I think and I am in no saying it is going to win you the election, but I think it helps. People like personal contact in Erie. 

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