Does waterfront space meet city code?

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A walk along the bayfront’s edge hopes to help clarify whether or not new waterfront space meets city code. The walking tour was an order from the judge.

The S.O.N.S. of Lake Erie has several concerns about the new waterfront space along the old GAF site. Ed Kissell, vice president of the organization, argues the new public access path doesn’t meet city code. He says the path is only six feet wide, instead of the required twelve feet because of rocks along the water’s edge. Kissell says those rocks are also against city regulation. He notes they are dangerous for fishermen, children and those in wheelchairs.

Executives from Erie Events, the owners of the new GAF site, say the public access way does meet city code. They argue the walking path and asphalt together meet the 12 foot requirement.

A judge ordered a walking tour to help the city zoning board decide whether or not city code is met. The board strolled the water’s edge Friday morning hearing and seeing both sides.

This is a debate that’s been going on since 2014, one that the chief zoning officer has already ruled on. Jake Welsh says the intent of the ordinance has been followed, but that at this point it is up to the zoning hearing board.

The zoning board is expected to schedule a hearing where they will make their decision in the next 30 to 60 days.

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