Does your child or teen know that they can turn off their smart device?

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If you look around, you’ll probably be able to spot a teenager on their cellphone within minutes, but could this be a sign of cell addiction?  

According to a recent study by ‘Screen Education,’ 60% of teens say they are addicted to their phones.  But, this doesn’t mean that teens are the only ones addicted to their devices.  We met up with a parent who says she may be addicted to her phone also. 

Juliza Rodriguez says, “I would say I sleep a good eight hours a day and I use it probably a good ten hours out of the day.” 

And, then there’s Teresa Folmar who also says her kids are on their phones a lot.  “I do believe that there is a cell phone addiction, but also, you know, with everything good comes the bad. It could be dangerous, but it could also be helpful.”

One negative aspect of overusing devices is cyberbullying.  The same survey concluded 36% of teens witness online bullying once every week. 

Mark Borland, Parenting Expert, says, “I was speaking with a teenager who had been bullied on social media. As I listened to this teenager talk about being bullied, I suggested, ‘how about turning off your phone?’ and the girl said, ‘I didn’t know I could do that.'”

Experts say that one way you can minimize your teens time on their cell phone is to have shut them off and put them away during dinner time. 

41% of teens stress out over the number of text messages they receive every day.  Folmar says she has an alternative to spending time on the phone. 

“There are always games, family activity… There are family chores that children don’t participate in anymore. Activities, more activities.”

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