Does your workplace need anti-sexual harassment training?

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The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center are launching a new training to help curb sexual harassment in the workplace. 

Sexual harassment is a form of sexual violence. The effects of sexual harassment are severe for individuals, workplaces, and whole communities. Today, employers increasingly recognize the importance of taking proactive steps to ensure and support a safer workplace for their employees. Responding appropriately to sexual harassment—and taking measures to prevent it—are important steps to ending harassment. 

The training features an online course as well as an in-person training provided by PCAR and staff from the PA rape crisis center serving the county where the employer is located.   While most workplace discussions have historically focused on the legal aspects, this training encourages employers to take a holistic approach that involves all members of the workplace. The comprehensive training includes steps to address sexual harassment involving legal, ethical and social issues. 

PCAR and the NSVRC developed the curriculum and piloted its application for more than three years prior to its launch this spring. “Sexual violence in all forms, including in the workplace, is a serious and pervasive issue,” PCAR CEO Delilah Rumburg said. “When it occurs in the workplace, employees can feel threatened, harassed and unsafe, and be forced to make a choice between their livelihood and their safety. Comprehensive antisexual harassment training in our workplaces is a vital step for businesses to take to end abuse.” 

PCAR is now accepting registrations for spring training sessions. To learn more, contact Joyce Lukima at 717-728-9740 ext. 123. 

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