The Erie Humane Society is going the extra mile to help a special needs dog live his best life.

With help from an out of town shelter and a local physical therapy business, the Erie Humane Society is helping a special needs dog that they say is on the road to recovery.

The Erie Humane Society has partnered with a shelter in South Carolina called Dorchester Paws to help a special needs dog named Lennie receive the best quality of life. 

The Erie Humane Society and Dorchester Paws suspect Lennie was hit by a car after they say a good samaritan found Lennie on the side of the road, and as a result lost the use of his back legs, bowels, bladder, and tail.

Dorchester Paws raised funds to have Lennie flown to Erie after veterinarians could not identify the reason for Lennie’s injuries on x-rays.

“He was at balance physical therapy yesterday, an anonymous donor provided him his set of wheels. His foster was with him, and Doctor Nester at balance, they were able to see that he’s trying to stand on his back legs, he’s starting to wag his tail a little bit,” said Nicole Leone, executive director, Erie Humane Society.

Since coming to Erie, Lennie has been taken in by a foster where he is receiving love along with his rehabilitation treatment.

“Soon as I came in and seen him my heart melted. I could not say no,” said Debbie Mills, Lennie’s foster. “I’ve given him nothing but love and he has given me so much love back,” said Mills.

The executive director recalled the moments she saw Lennie making improvements in physical therapy.

“It was at the end of the day, I was with my children in my home and I was crying in my kitchen,” said Leone. “We’re really fortunate at the Erie Humane Society to have a community that supports us and supports these pets to go forward and live amazing lives.”

Right now we are unsure as to what caused Lennie’s injuries, but next week he’ll receive detailed scans in Pittsburgh.

“He has an appointment next Thursday in Pittsburgh, and hopefully the tests will tell us exactly what’s going on, and we can get him more rehab, and he’ll be running soon,” said Mills.

After receiving his first set of new wheels on Wednesday, Mills said Lennie went on his first walk Wednesday night in the nice weather.