The ANNA Shelter has been busy the past few weeks rescuing multiple dogs from what has been described as horrible living conditions.

In the beginning of August, the ANNA Shelter rescued 31 Jack Russell Terriers from a Crawford County home.

This past Wednesday, Aug. 31, they rescued 13 German Shepherds from a Butler County home.

Those dogs are all available for adoption at the ANNA Shelter.

The animal cruelty officer said it’s a lot to take in after so many rescues, but emphasized it has shed a light on reporting animal abuse.

“It’s getting people thinking more about animal neglect and cruelty and something that somebody might not have reported. Whether they didn’t really know who to report it to or they just kind of shrugged it off. (It) gets that person thinking and so now they’re like, ‘hey, maybe you should check this out,'” said Eric Duckett, ANNA Shelter Humane Officer.

The ANNA Shelter is still taking applications for the 50 beagles that came to Erie from Virginia.