Don’t forget the empty seats at the dinner table this holiday

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The fall season brings so much for which to be thankful:  colorful leaves, comfortable temperatures, season treats and family traditions, but for those off fighting for our freedom and the families left behind, perhaps the season means something different. Traci Teudhope talks to a family whose own hero is deployed for Thanksgiving.

Kelly Waters whose son is deployed says, “it never gets any easier…  I just know this is what he wants to do. I’m very proud of him”.  

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, our soldiers continue to make sacrifices for our freedom and their families do too.  Waters interacts with her son, Kyle, regularly, thanks to technology but the time difference doesn’t make it easy. Kyle tells us, “…we’re getting ready to change everything up so last night I didn’t get off til like 12:30.”

Kelly knows first hand what her son is experiencing.  After all, she’s a veteran.  “Whenever I was deployed of course our deployments have changed. when I was deployed there was no facetime or text and things like that”.

While Kyle won’t be home to share Thanksgiving dinner with his family this year, when you look around their home you’ll find pieces of him everywhere.  “Until we get to see him again we just try to make the best of it.” 

Kelly says her perspective regarding deployment is different now, in the role of mom, “you worry more. You are more worried they’re safe and they have everything they need”.

For his family, an empty seat at the Thanksgiving table is tough, but Kyle’s mom says it pales in comparison to what he’s giving up for his country.  “He’s making the ultimate sacrifice so I’m proud of him.”

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