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Presque Isle beaches reached record Memorial Weekend numbers partly due to the beautiful stretch of weather. They saw 30,000 guests Saturday and 65,000 guests Sunday. While many people are hitting the beaches for the first time, lifeguards and park rangers are reminding those guests of the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ during your Presque Isle vacation.

Lifeguards say they had as many as two hundred people in the water at one time this weekend. Lifeguard manager Bob North says it’s the most he’s seen during this time of year.

“A lot of our rules are out here for the safety and the convenience of all of the people here,” North says.

Do: Have fun!
Don’t: Throw balls on the beach or in the water

Do: Swim within the restricted swimming zones
Don’t: Swim on the beaches without lifeguards

Do: Keep a constant eye on children
Don’t: Take your eyes off of them, especially while they are swimming

Do:  Let your furry friends swim.
Don’t: Let them swim on guarded beaches
Do: Keep them behind the tree line on guarded beaches

Don’t: Use the beach as an ashtray
Don’t: Smoke on the non-smoking beaches, Beach 11, Barracks beach and Mill Road beaches

Don’t: Drink alcoholic beverages on the park.
Don’t: Take glass bottles onto the park

Do: Recycle
Don’t: Litter

If you have any questions during your stay at Presque Isle, you can find both the park rangers and lifeguards at the ranger station.

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