Down to the wire once again, the state threatens to take over EMTA

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It’s down to the wire once again.  The state is just days away from possibly taking over EMTA.
The city and the county  have 4 days to work the charter renewal out.  Penn dot says if they can’t come to an agreement, they will be  taking over EMTA.  If PennDot takes over the transit authority, they stated several components that will be cut.  In a letter from PennDot, it explained EMTA will loose management of the transit authority and 33 EMTA employees will loose their jobs if an agreement is not reached.
PennDot also stated there will  be a 22% reduction in service because of funding cuts. Also, they risk losing the $35 million  phase two project for the EMTA garage.
Mayor Joe Sinnott (D) declined and Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper declined to comment. 

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