Several downtown construction projects are almost complete.

We got an inside look at some of the progress, where a four-story building is being constructed on West 5th and State streets and will be complete in several months. That building will house a rock-climbing gym and dozens of apartments.

It’s the final stretch for several construction projects on State Street. The rock-climbing gym being built on the corner of West 5th and State streets could be complete as soon as early 2023.

The gym will include room for weights, treadmills and other equipment, as well as a three-story rock-climbing facility. The building will also include apartments on the top floor.

The CEO of the Erie Downtown Development Corporation (EDDC) said soon there will be more apartments on West 5th and Peach streets.

“We’ve got 42 apartments that are open and leased in a matter of weeks. We’re going to add another 16 next year and then another 40 more in 2024. We’ll be opening the rock-climbing gym, the parking garage and more retail so it’s an exciting time. It just gets better every day,” said John Persinger, CEO, EDDC.

Another developer said employees at Great Lakes Insurance will soon have a new home and said this would add a sense of community to downtown.

“We can’t wait to get in. It’s been almost two years in design. We’re up here on this corner, everybody else is downtown, so this is the catalyst to start this area growing up here. All our employees are excited to get back downtown,” said Pete Zaphiris, managing and sole member, Great Lakes Insurance.

Zaphiris added that the facility includes a gym and a rooftop space for employees and said Great Lakes Insurance continues to expand.

“Currently we have 14 branch offices. We’re going to double that. This building will house 85 people within two years, so we’re going to double our workforce here, but we’re also going to keep expanding outside this area,” Zaphiris added.

Great Lakes Insurance employees are expected to be working in the building in the spring of 2023.